Day 810 | Taking a Break

We opted for a different strategy today: a relaxing + non-productive start to the day. We've been running around like crazy for the past five days and it hasn't been super enjoyable (there are NO couches we like in this city or online!!) or effective (I think we've managed to check about two things off our list).

Today, we got up and headed out for a delicious, slow-paced breakfast (which we walked to...whoop whoop!). On the way home, we visited our closest playground (it's super fun, by the way) and right on the river. We even scaled down the little sandy bank to put our toes in the water until the littlest one was getting a *bit* too brave (a change of clothes was needed). And look! A friendly group of ducks joined the fun.

Somehow this type of morning hit the restart button for us. We were super productive the rest of the day. Dishwasher: purchased! Microwave: purchased! Paint estimate: complete (just waiting on the final quote)! New living room chair: picked up! New couch: definitely making progress!

I mean, let's be honest, the only way today could be so productive is because there's been a ton of reconnaissance work done during our "non-productive" days. Either way, I'll take it.