Day 823 | Home Again

We made it home after a fairly terrible two hours in the car. My kids are *definitely* not great at car trips. I guess that'll change eventually, right? Right?!?

Vacations are the best. Like, the very best. However, sometimes kids put a bit of a kink in what is otherwise the perfect little getaway. Robbe has had a pretty dramatic personality shift since we moved. He's not sleeping as well. He's grumpier than usual. He's become more agressive. I could go on. Is it all the changes this little guy has dealt with in the past six weeks? Is it the near-constant attention (which he's not used to)? Is it just that he's going through some crazy developmental/emotional/physical stage that's just messing with him? All of the above? That's probably it.

Anyway, we pulled into our driveway this afternoon just in time for nap (thank goodness...I needed a break!). We put our very tired wee ones to bed and I spent 1.5 hours on my computer working. But not only that, I sat out on our patio + our new patio furniture for the first time since we moved in. There was a glorious breeze, there was nothing but the sound of my keyboard, and my mood, in that moment, immediately shifted: I'm so incredibly lucky.

We love (I mean, really love) our new house. We genuinely enjoy both sides of our family (hands down our favorite way to our spend time). We have two sweet, [generally] well-behaved, healthy, fun-loving children who fill our days with more happiness than we could have imagined (which totally overshadows the fact that there's also a *bit* of frustration involved in those days). I have a spouse who makes me laugh every single day.

Two hours with two screaming children is not ideal. Instead, I'll focus on a life that is overflowing with blessings and good fortune.