Day 831 | My Wrist

I realized after a couple of inquiries that I probably should have elaborated on the story behind my wrist surgery. Sorry about that! I hate not knowing the back story behind things just as much as the next guy and yet I did it to all of you. To make things right...

A brief overview of my current wrist situation:

  • Last fall, I started noticing a small bump appear on the inside of my left wrist (most likely from how I've been holding the babies for the last 4.5 years). 
  • After Christmas, I met a friend for yoga (which was really painful) and she told me that she thought it might be a ganglion cyst. Google it, if you're interested. 
  • Soon after, I had it checked out in DC and the diagnosis was confirmed and it was drained. I was given a 50/50 chance it wouldn't come back.
  • No luck, fast forward several months and the cyst had become much more painful...the packing + unpacking didn't help. 
  • I decided to have it checked out here to see what my options were. After another trip to the doctor and a MRI, it was determined that surgery was necessary (the cyst was becoming a bit too friendly with my ulnar nerve). 
  • Surgery came and went uneventfully last Friday and now I'm on the road to recovery. 

There it is, the whole *abbreviated* story. Now I'm stuck with this wrist splint until next Wednesday (AHHH!). It's already starting to drive me crazy. I think I'll make it, though. 

And, just think, it's possible that in a few months (maybe more...) I'll be back to yoga. My heart smiles just thinking about it.