Day 1221 | Walking Sticks


Every Monday + Wednesday, Robbe and I spent about 10 minutes on the playground at his school. We drop off Chase at 8:20 and Robbe doesn't start school until 8:40, so too short of a window to head home. Last week Robbe's school started a walking challenge so now every Wednesday we walk laps with the rest of the elementary school in hopes of winning a coveted game of flashlight tag with the gym teacher, Mr. Tom. 

To be clear, Robbe and I are the only two walkers for the 3 year old class (remember, he's one of only two kids in his class). We've got a lot of work to do to win enough sticks (that's how they count how many laps you've done), but we're having fun trying. He even wanted to run for a bit this morning to up our stick count. We got this, pre-k!