Day 1229 | Kindergarten School Pictures


Chase's kindergarten school photos came home in his folder today! It's funny how seeing that little envelope can still cause a rush of excitement. Chase is very happy with his school photo, so that makes me happy. Personally, I don't think his photo captures my little guy at all! I included a [real] smiling photo in the bottom-left so you can compare, but I'll keep my opinion to myself (and my favorite blog readers). 

As a side note, school photo orders are SO much less expensive here. I remember being appalled when we got Chase's first picture order form in DC (I even documented it here). I think we ordered on 3x5 and one class photo. In case you don't want to do your own comparison between the link above and the this year's order form (pictured in the collage), let me tell you that the most expensive package in EC is $43. Still no joke, mind you, but when you compare it to the most expensive package in DC at $135 (!!!!), all of a sudden you can't really complain. Yes, the packages do contain slightly different prints, but they are completely comparable...the EC one evens includes a digital copy! Crazy, right?!?

As a side, side note, let me tell you that living in Wisconsin has not been the huge cost of living decline that we were hoping for. With all the extra family and friends in town and the ability to do more because we don't have to fight crowds + traffic, we find ourselves spending more money living here. I know...I'm annoyed, too. This photo order, though, reminded me that some things in WI are more affordable than DC. I'll just have to be on the hunt for more of these deals.

In case you want to see what Chase's photo looked like from that first photo order, here he is as a two year old. It was a really good photo, I'll give them that.