Day 1242 | 23-Hour Adventure


My dad and Chris took the boys on a whirlwind 23-hour adventure to the hunting cabin yesterday. It's hard to say who was more excited: the boys or my dad. And, luckily, the cabin didn't disappoint. Here's how they spent their time:

  • A continuous cycle of ATV-riding
  • BB gun shooting (with no prior consent from mom...eek!)
  • Marshmallow roasting
  • Snowball fighting (there was enough snow up there for that!)
  • Bunkbed flashlight searching (for a hiding dad)
  • And then car-riding and sleeping made up for the rest of the excursion

You might be wondering how I spent this glorious 23-hours with nothing on my schedule (they didn't know they were going until last minute). Well, let me tell you:

  • cleaning (some deep-cleaning projects that have been plaguing me for far too long) + laundry
  • working (it felt so good to get caught up)
  • getting my nails done (such a fun splurge!)
  • watching my nieces' musical (so good!)
  • reading a book in peace and quiet (what a treat!)
  • sleeping without disturbances from my three favorite boys

Man, "glorious" days sound really lame when you're a parent. I'm ok with it, though. It's been a long time (maybe the first time since having a baby) that I was home for an extended period of time with nothing filling my time. Maybe it's lame, but there's something to be said for appreciating the down time.