Day 1130 | Oozing Slime


The heat kept us inside this afternoon (before we had to brave it for tball tonight) . With the need to do something to entertain ourselves, we got out our trusty science crafts book and decided to give the Oozing Slime a shot. 

We mixed 1/2 of a cup (any size cup as long as the ratio is right) of cornstarch with 1/4 of that cup of cold water and a few drops of food coloring. Mix with a metal spoon and then finish mixing with your hands. The consistency ends up being both a solid and liquid. It's magic!

I'd like to say that the boys were fascinated by the magic--and Chase kind of was--but mostly they were just fixated on how dirty their hands got. Yep. They're my sons, no doubt. 

It was still a fun activity and one I'm sure we'll try again.