Day 1167 | Garden Update


Back home with some good naps, unpacking, and four loads of laundry. Our vacation recovery day was actually much better than usual. None of the typical vacation-withdrawal symptoms from the boys. Quite a lovely surprise.

One of the first stops we made this morning was out to our garden to see what's been popping up. I haven't gotten any good photos of our "bounty" of vegetables mostly due to the boys eating everything before we can get our harvest in the house. Today I managed to sneak these two cucumbers, a green pepper, and the remaining handful of cherry tomatoes (they ate the rest) inside to enjoy with lunch. 

We've had a pretty good least I think so. Our green bean plants did pretty well for themselves (with the boys constantly snitching them) and our tomato, cucumber, and green pepper plants are still blossoming like crazy. The verdict is still out for our broccoli, carrots, and leeks, but I'm remaining optimistic. I'll keep you posted on the progress but for now enjoy...

Five things that have surprised me about our garden

  1. Cucumbers are pokey. You have to wipe off the little pokey nubs before you can actually handle them.
  2. Broccoli grows in a surprising way. The veggie comes straight out of the center of the shoot. We weren't sure if our bunnies had killed off our plants but there are definitely broccoli heads peeking out now. See photo.
  3. Cucumber plants are crazy impressive. First their little climbing off-shoots are creepily alive and super strong. Then there's the fact that the plant can support these giant vegetables (in comparison to the vines they're going on). See photo.
  4. Tomato plants can get huge. Ours hit the top of the roof before the weight of the tomatoes is finally pulling them down. I guess I was supposed to do something to inhibit such tremendous growth. Oh well, live and learn!
  5. Bunnies are intense. See note above about broccoli. I rarely see them snooping around our garden boxes but they're definitely making their presence known. They've swiped the low-hanging tomatoes, nibbled back our green bean bushes (which were looking quite full initially), and annihilated our broccoli leaves (by far their favorite). I can only image what they'll do to our carrots if they ever discover them (because bunnies love carrots, obviously).