Day 1156 | Beaver Creek


Another item off the summer bucket list! We checked out the Butterfly House at Beaver Creek Reserve today. I'll be honest, it didn't really compare to the butterfly room at the National History Museum, but it was definitely still fun!  

Afterward, we hiked down to the creek that the reserve is named after. Thankfully, it was a short walk because the mosquitos were out in full force. We did manage to escape with minimal bites, though. I was surprised, too. 

2017 EC Summer Bucket List

  • Discover 3 new parks - CHECK!
  • Take a pony ride at a festival - CHECK!
  • Weekend camping trip
  • Pick strawberries - CHECK!
  • Pick blueberries - CHECK!
  • Attend a city or county fair - CHECK!
  • Build a tree fort
  • Bike a city trail - CHECK!
  • Stay up past bedtime - CHECK!
  • Visit an animal shelter
  • Swim in three different pools - ONE DOWN
  • Play mini golf
  • Complete summer reading program at the library - IN PROGRESS
  • Ride the mini steam train
  • Eat a s'more (Chase has requested one without the marshmallow) - CHECK!
  • Attend an Express game - CHECK!
  • Visit the Butterfly House - CHECK!