Day 1510 | Lavender


Robbe has been having some epic meltdowns lately. We managed to survive the “terrible twos” without one tantrum (no joke), but the last month or so has taught me that we’ll eventually get our due. I’m not sure if it’s the transition to school or his desire to drop nap or if he just wants to be older (the most frequent explanation). Whatever it is, it’s driving me crazy. He loses all control of his little body. He says things to Chase just to be mean. He freaks out for no [reasonable] reason. 

We’ve tried being sympathetic. We’ve been consistent in our expectations of him. It doesn’t seem to be working. Today I resorted to a new technique: essential oils. We bought some lavender essential oil to help keep Robbe calm. For the first day in awhile, we had no meltdowns. No joke. He loved the lavender. We put some behind our ears and on our wrists. We made a spray that he spritzed on his stuffed animals and pillows. I even had the boys lay down and I spritzed some over their faces (one of my all time favorite yoga class traditions from DC). They couldn’t get enough. It was pretty adorable.  

Maybe it was a one-time fluke, but I’ll take it. Fingers crossed it sticks for a bit longer, though!