Day 1545 | Advent Calendar


We’re about half way through the original advent calendar Chris and I have been working on (ok, mostly Chris). Instead of buying two of these crazy expensive ones (like this or this) with 25 little tiny “prizes” every day, I thought it would be a great idea to make our own advent calendar out of a regular lego kit. We got a smokin’ hot deal on a big set (like, “we thought we were going to get our identity stolen” type of hot deal) with 1400+ pieces and almost 250 steps in the instruction manual. Chris worked his magic and figured out the best way to divide up the 1400 pieces into 40 bags (20 days for each kid…we leave for Christmas on the 22 so we wanted it to wrap up before that). I did help *a bit* with this process, for the record.

Now, every morning, the boys wake up, collect their bags, and work together to build the giant set bit by bit. Some days they get Lego Minifigures that they spend the rest of the day playing with. But most days, it’s just normal pieces used to add another layer to the set.

I know this is crazy. I’m grateful to Chris for agreeing to this time-intensive and insane idea. It’s working out even better than I expected, though. The boys are really enjoying playing with the set in the under-construction phase. They find fun + interesting ways to play with the set after every addition—this type of interaction would have never happened if they were just building the set outright. They would have just kept building their way through it.

Plus, at the end, they have this super sweet Ninjago set that they’ll play with for hours (which is what they do). I stand by my crazy idea. And I’d do it again next year…assuming Chris is still on board and assuming we can find another good deal.