Day 1325 | When I Look Back


This is another post that comes directly from one of my expressive writing sessions. I promise I won't go crazy with these! As I was penning my thoughts for the day, I thought about how it will feel to someday look back on the boys when they were little. For some reason, I decided that this time when the boys are this age is going to be what I look back on and remember fondly when I'm nostalgic of "when they were little". I think I might have mentioned this notion before, but while I was writing, it really dawned on me why this age is so special. Again, I couldn't recreate the list I made that day, but I'll make due with what I've brainstormed this time around. When I look back, I'll remember:

This time...

  • when our little family is their whole world.
  • when they are each other’s best friends and they can’t even imagine a world where someone else fills that roll.
  • when no matter the problem, a momma snuggle can fix just about anything.
  • when they expect nothing but love everything.
  • when words flow freely without care or censorship.
  • when they wear holes in the knees of their pants from playing too hard.
  • when playing with daddy is about the best thing ever.
  • when hooded towels hang in the bathroom.
  • when toys are stashed in every nook + cranny of our house.
  • when they wear the smallest size underwear.
  • when conversations about them growing up and someday moving away brings sadness and terror to their little eyes.
  • when we can have a family meal together every night of the week without activities or commitments getting in the way.