Day 1467 | We're Back!


It's been a lovely week-long break from blogging. Things that have happened in our world since we've last talked: 

  • Both boys had some weird 24-hour fever. There were no other symptoms. I guess as far as sicknesses go, I'll take this one.
  • It's been raining non-stop in Wisconsin. I don't mind it. I actually kind of love it. Especially thunder. Thunder is the best.
  • We had a nice visit from Grandma Bibi. She had to deal with a bunch of rain and sick boys (see above), but she managed it all with a smile on her face. 
  • The wildlife has taken over our yard. I'm not sure what's happening but the squirrels are going extra crazy lately, we have a surplus of bunnies roaming around, and a stubborn mole has pretty much annihilated our whole yard. Also, there have been extra whistle pig sightings (as featured in the photo above). Fun fact: a whistle pig is an alternative name for a groundhog. Fancy, right? He might be our favorite backyard friend right now. There's lots of excitement when he shuffles around. Maybe that's just because he's the only one of our furry friends who isn't wreaking havoc on our grass (yet).

There. Now you're all caught up. Let the daily updates commence.