Day 1571 | Eagle Puzzle


Chris likes puzzles. Chris likes eagles. Because of these two facts, I thought this eagle puzzle would be the perfect Christmas gift for my main squeeze.  Little did I know that this puzzle would almost break him.

Reasons this puzzle was the worst:

  1. The edge isn’t an edge. It’s a squiggly line. You don’t event get the immediate gratification of completing the outside border right away.

  2. It’s basically two colors. White. Brown. That’s not fun.

  3. There are only four puzzle piece shape variations. The colors wouldn’t have been that bad…there were some subtle feather and vein patterns that were visible on most pieces, after all. The real HUGE problem was that almost every piece could fit with every other piece because there were only four piece variations. Those subtle feather patterns could only go so far to differentiate when 20 brown pieces fit in the same spot.

In the end, the 550 piece puzzle was completed. It took about 10 days. Was there an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and pride when the last piece went in? Not really. You see, even though all the pieces have a place to call home, we’re still not sure they’re actually in the right spot (because of item #3 above).

Chris finally had to just walk away. It’s been a few days since he “completed” the puzzle and I’m happy to report that his spirits have improved. It’s probably going to be awhile before we’re ready for another puzzle, though.

On an unrelated note, is anyone interested in a super fun puzzle to take on as their next challenge? Free to a good home!