Day 1564 | Awbie and Osmo


Robbe’s fever last night meant a day stuck at home with me—which he didn’t mind, for the record. After a day of laying low, lots of reading, a short nap, and a bit of tv, Chase arrived home and the boys played the Coding Awbie game on Osmo (which connects to our iPad) for most of the afternoon. It was the perfect interactive but low-energy form of entertainment in hopes we could keep the fever from coming back (we couldn’t...ugh). 

If you haven’t heard of this Osmo system, it’s worth checking out. Chase was introduced to it at school and as much as I dislike the idea of the boys zoning out in front of a screen, the interactive nature of this system (you actually manipulate objects in front of the iPad that register on the screen) makes this feel different to me.  

With a fever at bedtime, it’s looking like another sick day tomorrow. Think happy thoughts for us.