Day 1748 | Double Playdate


I’m trying to make a more conscious effort to coordinate playdates these days. I’m pretty sure before this year Chase had hosted or attended probably two non-relative playdates of his choosing. I was fine living in that existence. Life is easier in our little bubble. The boys aren’t trying to put on a show. I don’t have to deal with the state of our toy room before and after the kids are here. There’s no fear of anyone being left out when only one friend is over. I could go on and on.

But as the boys get older, they want to hang out with their friends more. Crazy, right?!? It’s time for me to get onboard with the idea and so I am.

We even hosted a double playdate yesterday. Although the two boys that came over were sweet as can be and all four boys played remarkably well together, it was still exhausting for me (part of that was trying to prepare a corn-free meal—it’s harder than you think!). I’m sure I’ll get used to having semi-random kids in our space over time. And my boys really did have a blast.

Now I can check “playdates” off my list for at least a month, right? Right?!?