Day 1603 | Happy 5th Birthday!


Our little nugget is five today. FIVE. I love birthdays. I love thinking back to that day of their births and how our whole world changed in one minute. I love showering them with gifts + special treats + attention. I love coming up with a day filled with whatever makes them happy. I just love it all.

Robbe’s activities of choice on his big day? Present-opening immediately upon waking up, French toast for breakfast, watching Bolt (in the morning!), mac + cheese lunch at Panera bread, attending a community theater production, serious playtime + Lego assembly, pizza for dinner (with pineapple and pickles on the side), a mystery game (created by Chris), a bingo game (created by me), and this yummy Oreo ice cream cake for desert. Add in some family to the mix and the day was pretty much perfect.


  • He's still rocking speech therapy. At this point, Robbe is seeing the speech therapist at his school just once a week and he's surpassing all of his developmental milestones. We've got his annual IEP check-in in about a month and rumor has it he might graduate out of his IEP altogether!

  • Potty humor gets him every time.

  • Favorite meals: yogurt + berries with granola (breakfast), anything on pretzel bread (lunch), french toast with berries on top (dinner)

  • Robbe is almost exactly the same height at 5 as Chase was when he turned 6.

  • He loves Legos (like, really LOVES Legos), but rarely puts them together. He prefers to play with them, not assemble. It's a good thing there are other friends in the house that really enjoy the assembly part!

  • Chase is his best friend and favorite playmate. There is nothing that brings me more joy.

  • He can’t wait to eat lunch at school (next year). I’m worried the idea of this is not going to live up to the reality of it come next year.

  • Robbe’s answers to a few questions:

    • What is your biggest fear? Tarantulas, snakes, and scorpions

    • Favorite person? Chase (without hesitation)

    • What makes you laugh? Funny jokes (obviously)