Day 1662 | A Hamster


That’s right. We have a new member in our family. Meet Blossom Dandelion. He’s a Winter White hamster and he’s adorable. 

Robbe has been lobbying for quite some time to bring a hamster into this house. We’ve done tons of deliberating, and researching, and budgeting surrounding the new little guy and finally we just had to go for it. 

The transition has been a bit tough so far. Turns out you need to leave new hamsters alone for a couple of days when you first bring them home. Even though we were well aware of this (thanks library books!), it’s still hard to do. We all want to be your best friend, Blossom! LOVE US!!! 

We’re trying to keep our enthusiasm in check. Really trying. And I think it’s working. We brought him home yesterday afternoon and already he’s more interested in us and doesn’t seem to be scared to death. That’s good, right?!?

I’ll keep you posted on our best friend status. Fingers crossed!