Day 1718 | A Wedding


Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days, but we’ve been *a bit* busy.

Weddings are the best. And the one yesterday between my brother and his bride definitely lived up to my [high] expectations. The ceremony was perfect (I laughed. I cried—a lot. I loved every second of it.)! And the reception afterwards was just so much fun (and the food, the dancing, and the cocktails, were spot on). These two really do know how to throw a good party.

MY TOP FIVE MOMENTS OF THE DAY (in no particular order):

  1. Listening to my brother’s vows. I loved hearing him confess his undying love for this woman.

  2. Rocking out to my nieces’ and sister inlaw’s performance of Seasons of Love. I’ll post a video if I ever get one. It was beyond incredible.

  3. Seeing the boys all dressed up. Nothing cuter than little boys in bow ties.

  4. The pampering. It turns out having your make up done and hair fancied-up is really lovely. I’m thinking about doing it every weekend now.

  5. The family and friend time. What’s better than being in a room with a ton of your favorite people, you know?

With all of these amazing takeaways, can you believe I have practically zero photos?!? I’m so annoyed with myself. I did snap this selfie with me and the boys, though. That’s something! Hopefully more to come as others share some of theirs.

I’m beyond happy to welcome my new sister in law into our family. And I’m beyond grateful to have been asked to be a part of her bridal party. I felt so honored to be standing by her side.

Congrats again, Matt and Marisa!