Day 251 | Miga

She looks like a perfect angel, doesn't she?

Since our return from holiday travels, it has been Miga's purr-ogative (get it?) to drive me completely bonkers. I thought we were doing her a favor by giving her the two weeks off from our chaos. Apparently she didn't see it that way and has decided to make her displeasure in our actions known. 

Just a snippet of her antics over the past week:
  • Meowing: loudly and constantly. In the morning, during naptime, at 2am. Whenever and seemingly for no reason. I hear you, friend, I just don't know what you want from me. 
  • Being needy: Miga has always desired attention but I can't sit down for a second these days or curl up in bed without this furry friend nestling in. On top of that, I can't pet you all the time. It's just not possible. And the static shocks I get every time I touch you aren't helping matters. 
  • "Playing" with the boys: Chase is quite content playing trains without your "help" knocking over the drawbridge every five seconds. And as much as you think you want snuggles from Robbe, trust me, that sweet smile and gentle pet turns into an all-out body slam in the wag of a tail. 
  • Nightime prowling: I've got enough problems sleeping, I don't need to add an attention-deprived cat to the mix. Jumping from dresser to bedside table to bed over and over in the middle of the night is not going to get us to play with you. Especially if one of those escapades ends with you knocking over a full glass of water. Not cool. 
This list could go on...

Usually this craziness lasts a day. Tomorrow will be a week this time around. We're so lucky (she says with more than a hint of sarcasm).