Day 471 | Thanks, Jason

Uncle Jason was sweet enough to upload a Thomas the Train image for Chase to look at on the clock in our minivan. I'm not a huge fan, to be completely honest (I mean I already have to drive a minivan and now I have to look at a cartoon train while I'm driving...come on), but Chase loves it so I'll take one for the team.

That was the scenario until this weekend when Chris jokingly selected the other image Jason uploaded to the minivan: a family portrait, of his family. Chris thought Chase would revolt and demand Thomas back. Nope, he likes the new photo. Isn't that lucky? Now I get to stare at Jason, Erica, and the girls whenever we're enroute somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I love those guys, but again I don't really need them to be looking at me every time I'm driving. 

Maybe I'll try to change it when he's not with me (because he's been outspoken about not changing it when he is in the car), we'll see.