Day 472 | Music Madness

The new coffee shop in Takoma just started hosting a "Rise and Rhyme" series for little ones...right in our backyard! I am beyond excited to have another walkable activity for the boys and me.

After our first class today, I'm not exactly sold on becoming regular attendees. The atmosphere was madness (even though there is a baby sleeping on his dad's lap in the top-left photo) and the performer/teacher had no hope of keeping attention above all the parents who were more interested in sipping coffee and chatting (who, don't get me wrong, I wish was me...just not at a kids music class). There was no parent involvement and that makes it's hard to help your kids get the most out of this type of class.

I will say, Robbe seemed to really enjoy himself and Chase warmed up to the class and was singing and dancing by the end, too. I think we'll give another performer a chance in a week or two before making any snap judgements.