Day 548 | Becoming a Firefighter

Interested in a quick DIY guide to creating your own firefighter? Keep reading to see how I transformed a few of Chase's clothing items into a pretty awesome costume.

What I used:
  • an old raincoat (could you tell it was a *bit* too small?), but I tucked the hood in so it disappeared
  • a pair of gray windpants 
  • silver reflective tape (seemed slightly wider than duct tape, but that would work)
  • skinnier black tape (I used a Gorilla brand tape)
  • a fireman's hat (ours was white, so I also had to buy red spray paint...per my little own's request)
  • pair of toddler suspenders (I found a really cheap pair at a consignment store)
  • navy shirt (I just used a regular graphic tee inside out)
How I did it:
  • Use the silver tape to add two stripes to the body of the jacket. Then add the black tape on top of the silver. Fold the arms over the body and add a stripe in the same location as the body so that they line up. Add a similar stripe to the bottom of each leg of the windpants.
  • I also added "DCFD" on the back of the jacket with the black tape for some extra flare.
  • For the suspenders, I added a tape stripe as well. Just brings them into the costume a little more.
See? Super easy! sew. Even better. My sweet boy loved transforming into the firefighter he dreamed about.