Day 549 | Becoming a Dalmatian

You didn't think I'd overlook a friendly DIY guide for our favorite Dalmatian, did you? Here goes:

What I used:

  • a gray sweat suit (separate hoodie and pants), inside out
  • black flannel for spots (the flannel glued to the sweatshirt easier than felt would have)
  • black felt for the ears and tail 
  • stuffing (for the tail)
  • black thread (for minimal hand sewing)
  • fabric glue
  • ribbon for collar
  • old pet tag (or make something that looks like one)
How I did it:
  • Cut out a bunch of different-shaped spots and lay them out on the sweatshirt in an appealing pattern. Maybe you noticed that I started out spacing the spots evenly (see photo above), but ended up clumping them a bit more. I was much happier with that layout.
  • Use the fabric glue to adhere the spots. Don't go too heavy with the glue application or it'll seep through the felt fabric.
  • Cut ear shapes out of the felt fabric and handstitch them in place (the glue isn't strong enough to handle this job).
  • Cut a skinny cone shape out of the felt for the tail and hand sew up the long edges. Then add stuffing (not too full) and hand stitch the tail to the bum of the sweatpants.
  • Finally, attach the ribbon to the neck of the sweatshirt to act as the collar. Instead of handstitching the ribbon all the way around, just tack it on there with one stitch at each opening and one in the middle (where you'll add the tag with one stitch, too).