Day 609 | Chase's Big Changes

Our big guy is getting so big. And there have already been three big changes for this one in 2016:
  1. No. More. Diapers. Huge, right? I'm so proud of this sweet pea for his practically flawless transition.

  2. No more bibs. I know it doesn't seem as impressive but it's a big deal to this tidy tyke. He's been the one insisting on wearing a bib for the last six months or so. I told him that if he's not wearing diapers, he can't wear bibs. And, wait for it, it worked! See, it is a big deal. 

  3. His first household chore. Chase is now in charge of making his bed. You can never plant the seed of being a contributing family member too soon. The best part? He loves this little slice of responsibility and being held accountable. Sweet, sweet boy. 
If it's not incredibly apparent, I'm a bit smitten with this almost four year old. And his brother, too, but that's another post.