Day 610 | Robbe's Resolutions

Equal time for both boys is only fair. Here's Robbe's list of changes he's signed onto in the New Year:
  1. He's communicating...a TON. Let me be clear, Robbe is taking his time expressing himself with actual understandable words, but man, that's not stopping this guy. He is able to ask for, draw attention to, tell stories, express feelings, and invite himself into situations just as easily as the rest of us. It's quite impressive, actually. And about the cutest thing you can imagine.

  2. A music bug. He asked Santa for a guitar for Christmas (by pointing at what he wanted in numerous toy catalogues). And, guess what? Santa came through (guitar is pictured above). This kid loves to dance (with some sweet moves) and sing (the alphabet song with no discernible letters is his favorite) in a hysterical fashion. To capitalize on this enthusiasm, Robbe and I are signed up for a music class come February. Woohoo!

  3. Sleep, glorious sleep. It's taken a long LONG time, but I'm finally able to report that our sweet tiny toddler has hit his sleep stride. Every night isn't perfect (all I'm asking for is 11+ hours without a that too much to ask?), but it's darn close and I couldn't be more aware or appreciative of this new trend. Thank you, Robbe, you put a lot of hard work in to get us to this point. I love, little man, for doing his part.
We're pretty lucky to call these little peanuts ours. Aren't we? 2016 is going to be the best year yet. Mark my words.