Day 749 | Fire Safety Presentation

The DC Fire + EMS team made an appearance at Chase's school today for a fire safety presentation. Depending on who you are, there were two different perspectives on how the morning went:

1. As a pre-k or kindergarten student:
  • Yay! We got to stop, drop, and roll during school!
  • Yay! We got to watch a movie with a cartoon dog!
  • Yay! Fun coloring sheets with fire fighters on them!
  • Yay! A real fire truck!
  • Yay! A fireman in his full uniform!

2. As the organizer of said event (me):
  • Ahh! Why doesn't anyone know what's going on?
  • Ahh! Why do people keep parking in the coned-off area where the firetruck is supposed to park?
  • Ahh! Is the firetruck ever going to arrive?
  • Ahh! Why did the firetruck show up 1.5 hours late?
  • Ahh! Why is this pre-school presentation so dull?

At the end of the day, there was a firetruck. The kids did learn about dialing 911, how to stop, drop, and roll, and the importance of having a meeting place for your family. I guess we'll call it a success but why, oh why, was this event the most complicated endeavor I've faced to date?