Day 766 | Yards Park

It was the perfect day for an outing to Yards Park: hot and sunny.

We've spent four summers visiting this gem with kids that were not quite the right ages to fully appreciate it. Not this year. Turns out two and four are the ideal ages for two kiddos to play and entertain themselves with very little intervention from me. Woohoo!!

The downside? Chase insists that we need to make the trip down to the Yards Park wading pool one more time before we move. That means I'm not supposed to cross it off our bucket list yet...but I'm going to anyway. Don't tell him!

I'll include the updated bucket list when we cross something off:

DC Bucket List, Deadline: July 13
  • A final stop at the American History Museum
  • Visit Turkey Thicket playground
  • Ride the Wheaton Miniature Train
  • Watch the ball drop at the Discovery Building
  • Eat at our sushi restaurant
  • Wade in Yards Park
  • Ride the Metro
  • Pick berries at Butler's Orchard
  • Fort Steven's Park 
  • Eat at H&Pizza
  • Visit the top of the Washington Monument
  • Watch the airplanes at Gravelly Point