Day 1345 | Budding Photographer


Chase has had a camera since we moved to Wisconsin (we found an old one when we were packing that miraculously started working again) and his photographs are actually really impressive. We decided that we better start Robbe on his photographic journey young as well.

For his birthday, we gave him a *new-to-him* point and shoot camera (donated by my mom...thanks, mom!) and he's been snapping photos constantly ever since. He's up to 430 images since we gave him the camera on Friday night. Ha! 

The shots above are his. He's been honing his selfie skills and has been capturing some good moments around the house, too (since we haven't really left due to Chase's fever). Now if only I had the time + energy to download and organize all these photos that they're taking. That's a problem for future Sara to worry about.