Day 1346 | Winter Continues


Mother Nature decided we needed *a bit* more snow last night. I wouldn't say that I was hoping we were done with the season (I'm not that delusional), but I will say that the sight of the fluffy white stuff is losing some of its pure joy. The 4-5 inches combined with another sick day for our big guy and I'm feeling a little gloomy. 

Instead of playing the victim and dwelling on a less-than-ideal situation, I've decided to look on the bright side. Winter is actually pretty great. It's hard to remember that in the [way too long] spells of bitter cold...or during the last few weeks before Spring finally breaks through, but it is. And so, in case you need a pick-me-up to round out your day (like I did)...

Top Ten Reasons Winter is Pretty Great

  1. The excuse to lay low. When it's crazy cold outside, there's nothing better than snuggling in (preferably by the fire) with a warm beverage and some loved ones. 
  2. Wearing scarves. I really like scarves--especially the infinity variety. My life wouldn't be nearly as happy without a season where I can wear them.
  3. The sound of crunching snow. I've realized this year that this is one of my favorite sounds. Either under foot or under the tires of the van, there's really no other sound quite like it. 
  4. Eating soup. I know some folks eat soup all year, and we do every now and then, I guess, but there's nothing as delicious as a warm bowl of soup, preferably with a toasted slice of yummy bread next to it, on a cold winter night. It really warms the soul.
  5. Our river view. We're one house removed from riverfront property. In the winter, surrounded by naked trees, we actually get a pretty decent view. I never really thought I'd like to live on the water, but catching the glimpse of sun shining off the river does brighten my days.
  6. Pants. I am not a shorts person. I will wear skirts and dresses when it's hot outside, but my preference is to wear pants as many days out of the year as possible. I can't exactly pinpoint why, but part of it is that I don't have to shave my legs as often (I have to do it daily in the summer!). That's a lovely break during the winter months.
  7. Red wine. I'm more of a white wine girl...or maybe a Moscow Mule variation during the warmer months, but in the winter, there's nothing yummier than red wine. I remember more *mature* people telling me they had this preference when I was in college and it didn't make any sense to me. I'm not sure I qualify as any more mature than I did back then, but I totally get the red wine thing now.
  8. Christmas. I realize that this doesn't really help now (since it's long gone), but Christmas is my favorite part of winter. And, I do recognize that Christmas exists regardless of the weather, but having spent at least one Christmas where there wasn't snow, it's just not the same. To me, Christmas needs to be cold and white.
  9. The glistening snow. In the early morning sun, on very specific days, the snow almost looks like it's covered in glitter. It's pretty incredible.
  10. The appreciation of warmer weather. Again, maybe this is a cop-out, but dealing with the bitter cold for months on end makes the interspersed days of sunshine + warmer temps (not to mention spring at some point...) so so much more appreciated. Those first days of 40s and then 50s after a long winter...there's just nothing that makes me happier.

There you go. See? We can all make it through this. Right? Right?!?