Day 1594 | The Birthday Boy


I might as well offer a quick update on Chris for his big day. Now it’s a thing.  


  • He only wears white or light blue dress shirts to work. No other colors or patterns are acceptable.  
  • He worries the boys have missed their window to be great video gamers. They are 6 and 4. Let that sink in.  
  • He really likes birds of prey. He’s got some sort of radar that goes off when they are within eyeshot. It’s a pretty impressive super power.
  • He’s terrified of pink eye. He has been since I met him.  
  • He eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch everyday.
  • He’s really good at board games. Like, so good I get frustrated because I never win. Luckily, he’s terrible at Speed (the card game) so that’s my confidence booster.  
  • He gets funnier with age. No one can make me laugh the way he does. He just gets me.  
  • He’s probably the best dad ever. And I’m not biased at all. The amount of energy and attention he can offer the boys after working non-stop for 11 hours is truly inspiring. I know he might not be able to offer the quantity of time he’d like to the boys, but he sure makes up for it in quality. The boys have no idea how lucky they are to have such a dedicated, caring, motivated, and funny (they think he’s hysterical, too) role model in their lives. Luckily I tell them all the time.  

Happy birthday to my best friend.