Day 1733 | A New Reality


Both of these kiddos are in school full time. That’s seven hours a day without children. This type of schedule hasn’t existed for me in seven and a half years. That’s a lot of years.

I was hoping I’d have time for a thorough and thoughtful post about how all of this is sinking in—and it’ll come eventually—but for now I’m playing catch up. On everything, it feels like.

Someday (hopefully soon) I’ll process what this new chapter means for me. I’ll feel caught up on life for the first time in a long long time (again, hopefully). I’ll be able to put away my computer at night and do things like craft, and puzzle, and read.

I’m not quite there yet—but I can see it on the horizon and it’s close enough to touch.

Day 1732 | My Pottery


I realized that I never showcased my final pottery products after my mom and I finished up our five-week course.

I made a smattering of bowls, a sweet little thumbprint mug, and some bird feeders (not pictured). My collection isn’t perfect but it does make me smile. If only I had access to a pottery wheel and kiln a little closer to home, I’d say this could be a real hobby for me! Maybe someday.

Day 1728 | School Warm-Up


School officially starts for these two tomorrow but we had “signing day” today where we stopped by school, dropped off classroom supplies, and hung out with the teachers a bit. It was good to be back.

It’s been a great summer. I worked more than I expected so the balancing act was a bit trickier than I had hoped for, but it all worked out ok and the boys didn’t seem to mind/notice my preoccupation. I’m thankful that we had our Summer Bucket List to keep us on track. Unfortunately, we didn’t cross everything off the list, but I’d say we did pretty good! Plus there were a couple of add-ons (Madison weekend + _______) that we didn’t even plan for.

Summer is the best, isn’t it? And it feels more special because it’s so fleeting. But the boys are ready…and after the last couple of days, I’m ready, too. I’m ready for routine. I’m ready for [slightly] cooler temps. I’m ready to see my boys grow and blossom in ways I can’t imagine (and could never bring out in them). I’m ready to have some kid-free time to find myself again—it’s been seven and a half years, after all (more on that to come).

Happy school year, everyone!

2019 Summer Bucket List

Day 1727 | Madison Getaway


Chris and I met in Madison. I’m sure you know that. This city will always hold a special place in my heart. It was so fun to take a quick trip to introduce the boys to the fun that is Madison. They were great sports. They let us reminisce and schlep them all around campus. They had enjoyed experiencing the farmers market and the State Capital. We met up with old friends and met their new baby. Also we saw penguins and polar bears. It was really great. See below for the far-too-many photos that I took.

Day 1726 | Last Day of Summer Vacay


What do you do with your last day of summer vacation? Whatever you want, of course! We had a play date with a friends (and brought donuts). We had pasta pillows (ravioli) for lunch. We watched a movie AND played video games (Minecraft…our newest obsession). We played outside and ate dinner al fresco (including a surprise visit from grandma and grandpa). We stayed up past bedtime (for the boys, not us) to make a run for ice cream.

It was a good end to a really great summer. I’m happy to say that I’m sad to see the season come to an end. I’d rather be in this situation than waiting to kick them out the door. I just love these little nuggets so much. They’re fun to be around and make me laugh every single day. I’ll definitely miss my favorite buddies during the day—even if they end up with weird mustache/goatees after eating ice cream.

Day 1724 | New Animals


As the days of summer slip away, we continue to check things off our bucket list (I promise I’ll post an updated one soon!).

Todays line item was “looking for new animals”. We headed to Beaver Creek Reaerve for this adventure. I managed to convince the boys to go on a ~2 mile hike and everything. The trail wasn’t well groomed, the mosquitoes were fierce, and the only animal we spotted was a butterfly (seriously…no birds or squirrels even), but we had a really good time. It was fun to see the boys in that environment without complaining or whining. Spontaneous adventures are fun—today was a good reminder of that.

Also, Robbe discovered that animals like to poop on stairs so it wasn’t a totally wasted trip.

Day 1718 | A Wedding


Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days, but we’ve been *a bit* busy.

Weddings are the best. And the one yesterday between my brother and his bride definitely lived up to my [high] expectations. The ceremony was perfect (I laughed. I cried—a lot. I loved every second of it.)! And the reception afterwards was just so much fun (and the food, the dancing, and the cocktails, were spot on). These two really do know how to throw a good party.

MY TOP FIVE MOMENTS OF THE DAY (in no particular order):

  1. Listening to my brother’s vows. I loved hearing him confess his undying love for this woman.

  2. Rocking out to my nieces’ and sister inlaw’s performance of Seasons of Love. I’ll post a video if I ever get one. It was beyond incredible.

  3. Seeing the boys all dressed up. Nothing cuter than little boys in bow ties.

  4. The pampering. It turns out having your make up done and hair fancied-up is really lovely. I’m thinking about doing it every weekend now.

  5. The family and friend time. What’s better than being in a room with a ton of your favorite people, you know?

With all of these amazing takeaways, can you believe I have practically zero photos?!? I’m so annoyed with myself. I did snap this selfie with me and the boys, though. That’s something! Hopefully more to come as others share some of theirs.

I’m beyond happy to welcome my new sister in law into our family. And I’m beyond grateful to have been asked to be a part of her bridal party. I felt so honored to be standing by her side.

Congrats again, Matt and Marisa!

Day 1714 | A Summer Bucket List Day


We’re a bit behind on this year’s summer bucket list. With a quiet Saturday on the docket, we decided to knock a few of the items off the list. Mini golfing: check! A bike ride through the sculpture tour: check! Homemade ice cream (in a bag…who knew?): check!


  • Go fishing — done!

  • Go mini golfing — done!

  • Go swimming — done!

  • Catch frogs — done!

  • Look for new animals

  • Playdate with Malcolm — done!

  • Attend a baseball game — done!

  • Go bowling

  • Make a movie

  • Make homemade ice cream — done!

  • Lots of playdates with Edwin — done!

  • A Fairfax Pool trip — done!

  • Go camping

  • Bike to get ice cream — done!

  • Go to a family wedding — next week!

  • Attend Chalkfest — done!

  • Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s — done!

  • Attend Harry Potter’s Birthday at the public library — done!

  • Go tubing down the river by our house

  • Walk/bike the sculpture tour — done!

  • Attend a summer concert (at least one)

  • Practice stand up paddle boarding

  • Read three new chapter books — done!

  • Take a Mississippi River day trip

  • Visit the Upper Peninsula

  • Go strawberry picking — done!

  • Go blueberry picking — done!