Day 900 | 900!

As promised, our spooky spider and ghosts pumpkins. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to Halloween. I blame the squirrels + the warm temperatures. In that order.

As promised, our spooky spider and ghosts pumpkins. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to Halloween. I blame the squirrels + the warm temperatures. In that order.

Another 100 days have come and gone. Man, have things changed for our little family. If you remember, the 800 day post was soon after the move. It simultaneously feels like forever ago and just yesterday. Based on the last few weeks around here, I don't think we can bank on things slowing down at all. Just another reason (and extra motivation) to keep on keepin' on with my blog. 


FAVORITES: spending time with my nieces between dance commitments, observing the boys playing together, breakfasts with my dad, brother, grandma + the boys on a regular basis, having Mary Catherine back as my designing buddy (it wasn’t nearly as much fun without her), wearing scarves again, listening to Hamilton (it's the best!)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: deciding on what holiday crafts are on my list this year + finding time to create.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: carving out *a bit* more time for myself (including a chiropractor appointment last week and my first post-surgery yoga class scheduled for Wednesday). I’m hopeful I can actually do it this time!


FAVORITES: getting home from work in time for dinner, any quality time with his boys, the mad deals he gets on adult beverages here in WI, the complimentary coffee at his new office, enjoying the new fireplace, driving to work (no more walking in the rain). 
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: keeping up with raking the tons (and tons) of leaves in our yard. Maybe having so many mature trees on our lot isn't such a great thing. At this point, we've loaded up 37 landscaping bags. That's no joke.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: finding the perfect location for our first Christmas tree in our new house.


AGE: 4 years, 7 months
FAVORITES: his school + school friends, collecting treasures to store in various treasure boxes around the house, playing Superhero and/or Star Wars with daddy, chasing his brother around the house in circles, reading (current interests are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, superhero books, + Star Wars), talking (like, all the time…he’s got a lot going on in that little head), his mad scooter skills, studying the book order pamphlets that he brings home from school, translating for Robbe.
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: narrowing down his Christmas wish list, he's just so excited about everything.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: convincing his mom and dad to let him watch as many movies as he wants. Sorry, friend, you've got too much playing + reading on your to-do list.


AGE: 2 years, 8 months
FAVORITES: giving big hugs to his brother (and sometimes his parents...if we’re lucky), thumbing through the Christmas toy catalogues + carrying them everywhere with him, his six sleeping friends (stuffed animals), picking Chase up from school, talking about reporting all his injuries to Papa (grandpa), reading (current interests are books about trucks, books about tools, our animal book), stickers (still a hands-down favorite), playing with Chase
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: his inability to contain his enthusiasm when we have company. His little body just can’t handle the excitement.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: wearing his new snow boots. I promise it’ll come soon enough, let’s not rush it, ok?

And here's the rundown of how far we've come: