Day 1000 | 1000!

Quadruple digits. That's no joke. I'm not sure what I expected when I started this blog nearly three years ago, but 1000 days later I'm both exhausted by the time + energy I've spent on it and in love with the fact that we have this amazing record of such a special and important time in the lives of our young family. Looking back at the BIG DAYS we shared with my little guys brings a new level of appreciation and joy to a time that is often filled with more challenges than rewards. Thanks for coming along on this journey. I'm glad you've been joining us.

With no further ado...a little update on our team:


FAVORITES: listening to Hamilton, planning birthday party crafts, eating dried mango, seeing + feeling the signs of spring (it was so sweet while it lasted), coffee (although I’m trying to cut back…you shouldn’t love something that much), eavesdropping on the boys’ conversations, not having to change diapers anymore, being greeted by the boys hand-in-hand to welcome me in the morning
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: conquering my back pain [finally]. I’m hopeful that my strengthening ( + alignment attention (chiro + massage) will finally give me some relief. I've made some impressive progress but I've still got a ways to go. Fingers crossed!
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Finally sorting out the school situation for both my boys. Chase is all set for next year (Woohoo! Finally!), now we just have to find the perfect home for sweet Robbe. Getting close!


FAVORITES: his new sherpa sweatshirt, honing his stop-action animation skills for Robbe’s birthday video, developing the perfect cocktail, playing super heroes with the boys, trips to Chicago,  weekend morning snuggles with his three favorite people (even if they don't last as long as he'd like)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: having to be cooped up in the office all day (now that we've had a glimpse of spring) while the boys and I are off frolicking in the sunshine. 
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: designing + building the perfect backyard structure for the boys. Stay tuned. There will be photos.


AGE: 4 years, 11 months
FAVORITES: riding his scooter again, wedgits, anything super hero-related, swim lessons, Berenstain Bear books, playing the role of big brother, blueberry tea, reading about the day’s weather (in the newspaper), talking about ducks, assembling lego cars + houses (with the little legos!)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: dealing with adversity. A lot of things come easy to this smart kiddo so when he’s faced with a challenge, sometimes he doesn’t have the patience + motivation to work through things on his own (at least with his mom and dad…seems like school might see a different side of him). This is a tough life-lesson, for sure!
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: reading. He’s been sounding out words more and more these days. It’s a fine line between pushing him too hard and standing back and letting him take the lead. It’s exciting to watch, though!


AGE: 5 days shy of 3 years
FAVORITES: Berenstain Bear books (we are very familiar with the Bear Family these days), asking if it’s his birthday yet, book orders, firetrucks, wearing blue clothes, playing baby batman, sleeping without a diaper on (for nap AND bedtime!), Sunday comics, waking up in the same room as Chase, talking about monkeys, singing, snacks, being outside
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: getting his point across. His thoughts are so complex these days that his sweet [and still limited] three-year-old vocabulary can’t keep up. 
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: starting school. There’s been a lot of talk about school around here lately and Robbe has caught the bug. Just *a bit* longer, little guy!

And here's the rundown of how far we've come: