Day 1100 | 1100!


If you can believe it, another 100 days has come and gone. I looked back and 1000 happened in February. That's right, February. It honestly feels like I just typed up one of these updates. As much as I know this summer is probably going to be our busiest yet (and we sold/bought a house + moved last summer!), I'm going to do my very best to enjoy the fleeting days. I'll aim for some quiet mornings, peaceful playtime, and relaxed moments in our neighborhood to really get a sense of what summer looks like for us in our new house. I hope the same for all of you where ever you are!


FAVORITES: my new vegetable garden boxes (I’ll post a finished photo when things start growing a bit), having the whole summer of quality time with my two favorite guys (too bad my third favorite has to work), the cool morning temperatures, playing Rummikub, re-watching The Office (it’s just so good), dark chocolate pretzels + raisins, a glass of crisp white wine on a hot summer day
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: yard maintenance. Maybe I’m just whining, but I really cannot figure out how to keep on top of the lawn mowing (plus cleanup post-mowing) and watering and weeding. My back is still not loving the idea of mowing (as much as it kills me), Chris doesn’t get home until dinner time and wants to hang out with the boys, and our weekends tend to be jam-packed. I mean, seriously, how do you squeeze in 2+ hours of yard maintenance into your weekly schedule? I'll take any tips you'll share.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Our trip to DC!! I’ve been dreaming of this trip for so long and it’s finally happening this week. Of course we have way too many things squeezed into our short stay, but that’s how it goes. I just miss it so much!


FAVORITES: getting home when it’s still sunny outside, admiring his handiwork with the garden boxes, Midwest thunderstorms, playing outside with the boys, trying to keep up with our favorite scooters ( #1 and #2) during walks
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Breaking in his new flip flops. He’s known about summer’s impending arrival for some time, so you’d think he would have done some better planning to have his new Rainbow’s ready to go.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: A family camping trip. He’s purchased a new [giant] tent so we’re ready to go when the opportunity + motivation strike.


AGE: 5 years, 2 months
FAVORITES: scooting, legos, superheroes, going to the library, planning our DC trip, sleeping with Chase puppy, coming up with new games, skipping naps, negotiating ownership of whatever awesome toy Robbe finds, pretend play
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: dealing with the heat. It has been over 80 degrees a handful of times so far and Chase cannot handle being outside in it. He keeps asking to play inside. We’ve got some work to do. 
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Riding a two wheel bike but, again, mostly for the kickstand.


AGE: 3 years, 3 months
FAVORITES: scooting, legos, reading, mini blueberry waffles, hanging out with Mama Kitty (the stuffed animal), snuggles with mom, toy catalogs, the idea of watching movies (but losing interest pretty quickly)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: his nightly + nap-ly breakdowns. He’s totally fine with the whole nap and bedtime routines until the last page of the last book. Then he loses control of his little body. It’s getting real old. Like, real real old. 
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Continuing to expand his vocabulary and articulation. I cannot say how proud I am of this little nugget.

And here's the rundown of how far we've come: