Day 1200 | 1200!


It's been a big 100 days for us. We've expanded our social network through meeting some wonderful friends and joining a church. Both boys have started school after a glorious summer. Chris and I are both enjoying jobs that challenge us (remember...he's at a wealth management firm and I'm working with Mary Catherine). It almost feels too good to be true. As I've learned through years and years of parenting, though, everything is a phase (both the smooth patches and difficult times), so I'm just trying to love every second of this happy, peace-filled time in our lives. With that said, settle in and enjoy a quick update on the team:


FAVORITES: getting back into yoga (my goal is once a week and I've done it twice so far!), wearing jeans on a regular basis again (I’m not much of a shorts person), biking to school for pick up, bargain hunting at second-hand stores (which is absolutely not Chris's favorite, by the way), posting photos and blog posts to Instagram (this is new...see photos along the right-hand side of my page)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Fitting 15 minutes of inversion table time into my daily routine. More on this in a future post.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Find *a bit* more space in my days. I feel like I'm running non-stop these days and can seldom find time to carve out me-time (does this sound familiar?). I know our schedule is just going to get busier as the boys get older so I need to figure this out asap.


FAVORITES: Badger football, morning snuggles with the boys, perfecting over-easy eggs, a good cup of coffee, bike rides on crisp mornings, listening to his Natalie Imbruglia Torn playlist on Pandora, being able to take Uber + Lyft around Eau Claire (which has happened exactly twice)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: staying on top of his Fantasy Football teams. It could be a full-time job.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: A trip to Madison (this weekend!) without our boys. It’s going to be glorious.


AGE: 5.5 years old
FAVORITES: memorizing his lunch money code, gym class at school, watching movies, playing legos with his brother, getting two options to choose from at lunch, picking out chapter books to read with mom + dad, getting haircuts (so he can watch a movie), pasta pillows (ravioli), staying inside (takes after his mom!)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: making friends at school. None of us are particularly worried about it, but Chase seems to be spending his days focused on learning the routines + following directions more than being a social butterfly.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Accumulating more presentations at school. At a Montessori school, you need a presentation (usually one-on-one) from a teacher to use the materials that are constantly taunting the kids from bookshelves at eye-level throughout the room. Chase waited 1.5 weeks for his first presentation which finally happened on Monday. He's anxiously awaking additional presentations to really dive into the new materials.


AGE: 3.5 years old
FAVORITES: school (he wishes he could go every day), the color green (this is a new revelation), watching movies, his friend Arianna, playing little legos with his brother, Lego character books, perusing the Target toy aisle, going for walks (well, scoots for him), his new jellyfish shoes, pepperoni pizza, not missing momma at all during school (he tells me every sweet, but, hey, I deserve to be missed!)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: deciding on his Halloween costume. At the moment, he’s vacillating between bumble bee, cow, puppy, and fireman.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Meeting his new school friend. Right now, Robbe only has one other student in his class. A second friend was supposed to start this week (and Robbe's been super excited to meet him), but the new student was sick, poor little guy. Fingers crossed for Monday.

And here's the rundown of how far we've come: