Day 1300 | 1300!


1300 is a lot of posts. We've come a long way, haven't we? See throwback posts below if you need a refresher. 

As I do every 100 days, here's the full rundown of what's going on with our little team these days:


FAVORITES: A clean car, my old sherpa sweatshirt, warm sunshine, white fingernail polish, new socks, cheese + crackers for a meal, decluttering the house after Christmas, the Obama book by Pete Souza, watching the tranformation of my boys from babies into kind human beings (deep, I know) 
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Coming to terms with the fact that winter could last another three or four months.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: I already went *fairly* in depth about my dreams in this post. I'll save me the extra typing and you the extra reading.


FAVORITES: His 90s Pandora playlist, having someone else make his pb+j sandwiches in the morning (which rarely happens, unfortunately), his new xbox game on his new tv, his old sherpa sweatshirt, checking things off his 2018 to do list
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Surviving the drive to work in a cold car. 
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Enjoying a tropical drink on the beach in Mexico (Spring break 2018!!).


AGE: 5 3/4 years old
FAVORITES: Reading chapter books, building with legos, his new sherpa sweatshirt, pasta pillows (ravioli), his school, his friend Madeline, demonstration speeches, staying inside, momma + daddy snuggles, Imaginext toys, playing spy, amassing candy (but rarely ever eating it), the song "I am Moana", playing Sequence for Kids
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Realizing that his little brother doesn't always want to do everything Chase wants to do. Surprising, right?
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: His joint birthday party with his brother. It’s going to be pretty awesome...hopefully. 


AGE: 3 3/4 years old
FAVORITES: Heart Bear (a new stuffed animal friend from his Sunday school teachers), his new sherpa sweatshirt, going to the library, building with legos, pasta pillows (ravioli), bubble baths, drinking tea, momma snuggles, playing spy, building forts, his sleeping friends
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Waiting for the next opportunity to receive presents. The Christmas withdrawal is real.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Graduating from his speech intensive preschool (his teacher suggested it might be on the horizon!).

Looking back on 1300 posts: