Day 1500 | 1500!


This is what 7:10am looks like at our house these days. That’s what you get when the 1500th blog post sneaks up on you and you don’t have a family photo to share. Seriously, though…1500 posts. I missed some days. I’ve hated blogging some days. But I’m glad to be here. Having to reflect on our sweet little life every 100 days in these update posts really helps me realize how far we’ve come and how quickly the boys change.

Enjoy this little sneak peek into what’s been happening with us.


FAVORITES: The smell of fall, oat milk + decaf lattes, getting more space back in my life (5 half days of 4K helps!), Halloween costume crafting (I really do love it), seeing the boys grow up as best friends, nearing the completion of the marketing plan for the book festival I’ve been working on
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Realizing that I might not be completely warm again for the next 6 months. That's not ok.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Completing the big [HUGE] painting project in the house (which hasn't even started yet). I'm just so excited (mostly because it’s not me painting!).


FAVORITES: Watching the boys play in the fort, tinkering with his Fantasy Football lineup, regaining his interest in the Brewers, fixing things around the house, eating Oreos, reading The Phantom Tollbooth to Chase
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Stepping onto a cold tile floor at 6am. It’s pretty much the worst.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Calling the fort completely done. He's close, but shutters, the door, and some of the "special features" are looming over him as the temperature drops.


AGE: 6.5
FAVORITES: Legos (specifically the Ninjago variety), playing with new friends, reading on his own, making people laugh, practicing his piano recital song (for once he likes practicing piano!), playing swamp on our new backyard swing set, losing his teeth, hypnotizing people, watching movies, brownie M&M cookies, keeping things symmetrical, at school: silent reading, lunch, and recess
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Convincing mom and dad to let him play video games more often. It’s a new addition to our house and Chase is VERY interested in honing his skills.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Always being the one to pick what he and his brother play. I will say he *usually* gets his way, but more and more Robbe is asserting himself. This dream might be harder and harder to come by as the days roll on.


AGE: 4.5
FAVORITES: Riding the bus (and *most of the time* opting to sit with his brother), dog-sitting, eating at Noodles, swinging, watching movies, chewing gum, saying "it's not fair", getting presentations at school, smiling + being silly, wearing his sherpa hoodie again, ga-ga ball
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Waiting for Halloween. This kid is excited. He asks me every day (at least once) if I've been working on his costume. At least he's holding me accountable.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Dropping his afternoon nap. If he wasn't such a hot mess at the end of the day on the days he skips, I'd be more likely to consider it!


Looking back on 1500 posts: