Day 1600 | 1600!



FAVORITES: Pilates sessions, oat milk + decaf lattes (still going strong despite an oat milk shortage earlier this winter), sunshine on winter days, listening to the boys play happily together again (after the rough patch in the fall), puzzling with my #1 guy (we’re just more picky about the selections these days), wearing vests inside (they really do keep you warm even if your arms aren’t covered!), my Yeti mugs (I had no idea how often I was drinking cold beverages)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Coming to terms with not hosting birthday parties for the boys this year. They opted to celebrate at the waterpark last weekend instead. I’m relieved and saddened to not be dealing with all that stress + excitement right now.
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: One week of a normal schedule without sick or snow days. It’s been at least five weeks since that has happened.


FAVORITES: Drinking water (lots of water), playing the Nintendo Switch, puzzling with his #1 gal (he’s recovered from the great Eagle Puzzle Incident), Salted Nut Rolls, not having to shovel, playing board games (Catan is the current favorite)
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Having to drive home in 6+ inches of snow on a regular basis
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Soaking in the sun on the beach in Mexico (we’re going again over spring break)


AGE: Almost 7 (just over a month to go)
FAVORITES: Playing the Nintendo Switch with his Dad, anything on the iPad, Lego Ninjago (still going strong), his new winter boots, everything about school, reading chapter books (currently we’re very into Peter and the Star Catchers), his cousin Eli, equality with everything related to his brother
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Making time for practicing piano (he’s just too busy playing to fit it in)
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: Losing more teeth. He’s down four already and only two have started growing back in. Even still, he’s ready for additional visits from the Tooth Fairy—I can’t imagine why.


AGE: Almost 5 (four days to go!)
FAVORITES: Snow days (he’s by far the biggest proponent in the house), Ty Beanie Boo characters, planning his birthday festivities, his Pokemon blanket, playing Legos, visiting the library, honey wheat pretzels, his sandwich recipe (pretzel bread, peanut butter, and flat pretzels), drinking tea, vitamin C drops, constantly requesting things to eat, his new sloth stuffed animals
BIGGEST HURDLE TO OVERCOME: Keeping his undies un-bundled. This kid does not have time to slowly pull up his pants so that his undies lay flat and are comfortable. Instead, he pulls everything up together in a wad and then spends most of his day with bunched undies. How does that not drive him crazy?!?
DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE: To be as old as (or older than) his brother. I *don’t think* this one is going to come true for the little man, but that doesn’t stop him from requesting it.